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30 Poems by Susanna Fry
Arms of Venus by C Pedersen
Assembling the Earth by gregglory
Black Champagne by gregglory *New
Locked in a Brain Cell by Carrie Water and gregglory
Chaos & Stars by gregglory
Cranky Bohdisattva by Magdalena Alagna
The Departed Friend by gregglory
Floaters by Brandi Scollins-Mantha *New
Ghosts and Princes by Lord Dermond and gregglory
God-Speck Exhibitions by Charles E. Moon
Hourless Grail by Lord Dermond
Inner Dominion by Lord Dermond
Instead by James Dalton *New
Nobody Poems by gregglory
Platinum Lips (poetry CD) by gregglory
Punk Duck (anarchist band) by Alice B., Amy Mayhem, Jeff Ward, and gregglory
Queen of Cakes by Carrie Water and gregglory
Sacred Blades by Lord Dermond
Sex Fiend Monologues III by Rusty Cuffs
Sleepy Partridge by gregglory
Soft Assault by gregglory
Spinning Wheels by John Dunfy
Spotty the Spot-tacular Cat by gregglory
Supposing Roses by gregglory *New
Sword Inside by gregglory
Til Death Do Us part by Mary Jane Tenerelli
Timid Leaper by gregglory
Unimagined Things by gregglory
Venus Has Gone Insane Again by Sharon Baller
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